Look out for some fresh changes to NuID’s brand. We’re excited to announce that Erica Smith has joined NuID as our Brand Director! Erica brings a diverse background in graphic design and branding which will be instrumental in translating NuID’s vision, product, and culture into a cohesive experience.

Erica is an Indiana native who now calls sunny Los Angeles her home. With her educational background in journalism and business, along with a design degree and branding experience, Erica brings a passion for effective storytelling and design which serves both aesthetic and business objectives. Her work at NuID will encompass graphic design, communication design, brand strategy, and more. We’re thrilled to have Erica’s help in communicating NuID’s unique vision in today’s rapidly evolving enterprise security landscape.

Erica joins us from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art where her work spanned across all museum communication platforms: from print, to digital, to environmental graphics in the galleries. She previously held a position at Moving Brands, an award-winning studio with clients across the tech industry and Fortune 500, and worked alongside the product design team behind the first Nokia cell phone at Design Studio Nuovo. Erica’s time in LA started in true Hollywood fashion with a stint in set design for commercials and film. Like most artists, she spends her free time on more art: she enjoys printmaking, painting, and furniture design.

Erica shared some of her motivations and plans for the NuID brand:

“Any day I get to think through design challenges for someone or something I’m inspired by is a great day regardless of the medium of the project. What I want to show at NuID is that the team is made up of the kind of people who don’t believe in aggrandizing language or ‘crafting’ a brand narrative; everyone is just genuinely enthusiastic about making the internet a safer place and empowering users. My goal for the brand is to expose the authenticity of the team behind it.”