Things have been busy at NuID in the six months since the 2017 Year-end Update, and we're excited to share highlights from the first half of the year.

We have made significant strides in maturing the NuID platform from its prototype stage to a production-ready product. Most recently, these efforts have involved extending NuID’s platform to support the Java Virtual Machine, which will enable integration with tools and applications in the Java ecosystem, such as Gluu Server. As a result of these efforts, we have deployed our trustless authentication solution in the NuID internal environment and are using it in production to authenticate access to our product demo resources.

The development team also authored a comprehensive technical document detailing the NuID zero knowledge authentication protocol. This document is currently being reviewed and analyzed as part of an external cryptography audit.

With the addition of Ibrahim Pataudi as our VP of Business Development in February, we have ramped up engagement with potential customers, partners, and the broader IAM and security communities. We were exhibiting sponsors at three industry events this spring and participated in several others. These events provided encouraging feedback and validation on our product vision and messaging. We also came away with a number of ongoing conversations with potential clients and partners.

NuID's 2018 KNOW Conference Booth
Ibrahim and Locke at the KNOW Identity Conference (2018)

Our pipeline of potential POC projects includes international banks and one of the world's largest digital analytics firms. We're also in conversations with two large consulting and IT services firms and a state and local government cybersecurity organization, aiming to offer NuID’s authentication platform to their clients and members.

Other 2018 year-to-date highlights include:

  • We revised our Solution Overview to better explain how NuID’s trustless authentication works and its benefits to businesses and their users.
  • Enterprise Security Magazine profiled NuID as a Top 10 Enterprise Security Startup of 2018.
  • NuID was featured in Canada's National Post alongside Shark Tank's Robert Herjavec.
  • Robert wrote a piece for the Center for Internet Security's Cybersecurity Quarterly.
  • The NuID provisional patent application filed in 2017 was submitted as a full application in March. We are currently waiting to hear back from the US and international patent offices.
  • NuID turned 1 in April. 🎉

2018 has been a year of foundational growth and development. We're all very excited to continue growing NuID's presence in security and identity in the second half of the year and beyond. As always, we welcome any outreach and love to hear from people who want to learn more about trustless authentication.

— NuID Team

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