Hi Everyone,

We’re launching our blog with a brief intro of who we are, what NuID is all about, and a preview of what’s to come.

Core to our mission as a company and as individuals, we are dedicated to security, transparency, and inclusivity.

We believe in returning data ownership to the individual and eliminating risks inherent in common Internet security implementations. We think everyone should own their keys to the Internet and not rely on siloed, proprietary security implementations to protect their information across the web.

In the 1970’s, every user of the Internet knew every other user and could verify which computers sent which pieces of data. This humble beginning consisted primarily of professors and well-known inventors at the world’s leading academic and research labs. Users’ identities were taken for granted, and therefore no standard identity authentication specification was ever adopted in early core web infrastructure. Various solutions for identity authentication have since been proposed and implemented with varying levels of success and adoption.

However, there has yet to exist a silver-bullet authentication system that effectively secures the ever-increasing amount of sensitive information on the Internet today. Such information is often incompatibly replicated across proprietary databases, where in each case authentication and identity verification are handled differently. This has led to chaos in password and key management and is a large contributor to leakage of sensitive information.

This is why we're building NuID.

NuID is a decentralized authentication specification that provides a secure, trustless, and interoperable identity management solution. The NuID protocol eliminates the need for businesses to have the liability of storing sensitive authentication data and enables users to access their online services through a single digital identity–without sacrificing control or security of sensitive data.

As global populations increasingly come online and rely on the Internet for essential services like banking, commerce, and communications, we believe these advancements in authentication and digital identity will be critical to building the foundation for a secure, transparent, and inclusive Internet.

Moving forward, we will be publishing and sharing updates and relevant information via this blog (the Nus) and our recently launched twitter—follow us @_NuID! We welcome you to reach out if you are curious to learn more, or just want to geek out on digital identity, authentication, or any other exciting technological advancements.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

— Locke, Nolan, and Ethan