About NuID

Passwords have become an ocean we need to boil. NuID has built a next-generation authentication ecosystem that simplifies writing secure, privacy-preserving applications. Our key management solution leverages zero knowledge proofs and distributed ledger technology to eliminate the transmission of symmetric authentication secrets. We use a pluggable, distributed persistence layer to eliminate common IAM complexities, without the need for a federation. We publish this technology as an open-core, developer-friendly, misuse-resistant set of tools, services, and APIs we call the modern login box.

About the role

Service construction is fun at NuID. We’ve prioritized developer experience from day 0; from our public authentication API down to—especially with—our infrastructure. As a result, infrastructure design and implementation is a continuous, incremental process, and an ever-evolving need at NuID.

We’re seeking a Cloud Engineer to work closely with our CTO to improve and extend the serverless infrastructure that underpins our authentication and identity management services. You will contribute to service design and decision-making, have the opportunity to innovate in cloud-native architecture, and directly observe your impact on the growth of the NuID ecosystem.

The list below is meant to map the technical depth and breadth of the role, but aren’t strict prerequisite to consideration, so don’t be deterred!

  • 3+ years of technical leadership building cloud infrastructure (ideally AWS)
  • 2+ projects writing Terraform or similar infrastructure-as-code ecosystem
  • Experience with and passion for a startup environment
  • Familiarity with security principles
  • Interest in privacy-first design

It’s also worth mentioning that this role has many directions in which it could grow based on the interests and career goals of the candidate.


We love what we do. We believe in craft. Culturally, we draw a lot of inspiration from Basecamp and Cognitect. Architecturally, we think simple is better than easy and we build for change. Culturally and architecturally, communication is paramount to us. We believe it should be mindful, clear, and kind.

We are a small, distributed team and we work on many zero-to-one projects. We emphasize strong ownership, initiative, and collaboration in our day to day operation.

We’re an identity company. In order to build a sound internet identity ecosystem, we’ll need input from the entire spectrum of personal and professional backgrounds and perspectives. We highly encourage individuals from communities underrepresented in tech to apply.

More details

We are looking to bring on an individual seeking a place to grow as a full-time team member.

Equity will be offered as part of total compensation. Base salary will depend on level of experience and the equity package, with an expected range from $100k-$130k.

NuID is primarily based in NYC and would love to continue growing the team locally, but we are open to remote candidates as well.

Full health, dental, vision, and life insurance are provided as part of any full-time position.

To apply, please send your resume and a message on why you're interested and would be a good fit to: hiring@nuid.io.


terraform, cloud, aws, infrastructure, security, serverless, authentication, identity, IAM zero knowledge, FIDO, WebAuthn, PKI, key-management, KMS, authorization, decentralization, privacy, cryptography