We are very excited to welcome Robert Paul to the Nu family as our Principal Protocol Architect. Robert joined NuID at the end of October and will be working closely with our CTO Nolan and our Principal Security Architect Man Nguyen, who will be joining the team later this month (we’ll be introducing Man in a future post). In addition to contributing their extensive expertise and experience to the team, as our first technical hires, the addition of Robert and Man represents a major milestone for our growing company.

Originally from San Diego and now living in the Seattle area, Robert is a self-taught white hat that has been hacking since his early teenage years. He most recently held a contract position at Microsoft working on the cryptographic libraries for Azure. Before that, Robert spent two years at Ericsson, where he conducted penetration testing and built and deployed a wide range of security systems for their managed services clients. At Intel Security (previously McAfee), Robert was an encryption specialist working on Software Guard Extensions.

As NuID’s Principal Protocol Architect, Robert helps design the cryptographic functions and key infrastructure NuID relies on, and translates those designs into platform-specific libraries, bringing novel privacy and security concepts to real-world tools. His work will be at the core of NuID’s distributed ledger technology.

Robert was an early Ethereum adopter and enjoys building and testing smart contracts in his spare time. He is also our resident motorcycle repairman, analog synthesizer hacker, and is the proud builder of a custom fixed wing drone with remote wifi attacking capabilities (yeah, we think he’s pretty cool too).

We asked Robert to tell us why he chose to join NuID:

"As a career information security professional, I’ve seen it all when it comes to data breaches—and their direct impact. Sadly, most of the harm is ultimately passed to the users. All too often, companies are struggling and failing with keeping their users’ data protected. Traditional solutions like password managers are not working, due in part to limited adoption, and are ultimately a temporary fix instead of a permanent solution. I believe that the bleeding edge blockchain technology offered by NuID is the solution to the identity problem."