Recently, our company had the privilege of being featured in TechTimes. The article dives into how we're building the next phase of our technology infrastructure, and what that means for the future of digital identity.

We're thrilled to bring to life the Nu Identity Ecosystem & identity-optimized KiiChain as part of the next phase of NuID's development. Check out an excerpt from the article below, or read the whole piece here.

"The Nu Identity Ecosystem will enable a new model of digital identity for individuals and services. Individuals will represent their identities with their zero-knowledge authentication credentials, stored on a public blockchain, and services will deploy the NuID trustless authentication solution.

In future ecosystem use-cases, individuals will be able to own, share, and securely store any type of identifying information that can be stored online: KYC and identity verification, certificate and credential issuance, healthcare records, digitized assets, education credentials, decentralized data storage, and peer-to-peer identity services.

'A user will be able to carry their credentials to different services within the ecosystem much like we transport physical credentials in the physical world. Participants in the ecosystem can have their credentials verified by other participants, and equally, issue credentials to other participants,' shared VP of Business Development Ibrahim Pataudi."

Follow along here on our blog, or on Twitter and LinkedIn for further updates from NuID! We've had a lot of recent, exciting developments like a feature in HackerNoon, our partnership with The Kii Foundation, and the imminent launch of the utility token Kii!