Hey there 👋🏼

NuID has been working on a number of different projects recently, so this post will give a clear understanding of what’s coming next.

You may have seen the following infographic that we’ve recently shared in the metasphere. Or it may be nu to you. It’s the high level tech we’ve built and where we’re taking it.

The last five years have been spent crafting our foundational infrastructure that we’re now bringing to the world. You’ll find us using it initially to bring to life the Nu Identity Ecosystem. And to tie it all together - we’re partnered with the Kii Foundation to secure identity with a ledger built just for that: the KiiChain.

The Kii Foundation is launching Kii in Summer of 2022. The Nu Identity Ecosystem and KiiChain are in development now.

Want a recap on why we're so passionate about identity, i.e., why we're doing what we're doing? We've written a few blogs that can get you up to speed about the continued need for a nu model of digital identity, building Identity Utility on the web, and the modern state of cyber security. You can also check out our FAQ.

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions & check out the Kii Foundation to stay tuned to exciting developments and release info.

You can find us on Twitter, Linkedin, and Telegram.