I made this comic the for my friend, Nick. We meet for breakfast a few times a year. Last week was my fist meeting with Nick since leaving SAP, so I knew he'd ask about NuID. Nick is not into crypto, SSI, NFT's, or Web3 at all, he literally asked me "how big is an NFT...is it like a quarter...?" so I wanted to explain it to him in a context we both know well.


Identities are a composite of identity

Where we are from certainly forms a part of our identity. And, where we are from has an identity of it's own.

Identities are a composite of what has, and is happening.

Recently golf has been on my mind with fall weather arriving in Texas

I live in San Antonio with Meagan and "The Girls" (Darby and Piper). San Antonio is a "low profile" kind of town that one might even call it "boring", yet, San Antonio has a lot of historical identity that is pretty cool.

There are the Missions of San Antonio, one of which is The Alamo. We also happen to have the 5-time NBA Champion (should be 6), San Antonio Spurs we host the PGA GOLF tournament just before The Masters.

The "birth of military flight" took place in San Antonio. March 2, 1910 on Ft. Sam Houston and the city is now home to nearly 500,000 active-and-veteran military personnel and the largest Joint Base in the Department of Defense (JBSA). San Antonio is, Military City, USA.

If the US is deploying our military, many are deploying them from San Antonio. If one of our women or men is wounded, they’ll likely come here, to Brooke Army Medical Center.

In 1970 my grandfather, LTC. Ray Bosworth was transferred from Ft. Rucker, in Alabama to Ft. Sam Houston, where he eventually retired after a three-decade career.

My uncle, Ray Paul Jr. had been killed, on July 4th, 1968 in Vietnam while the family lived on base in Alabama and my Boz was at the test-board there. Mother Rucker is where all Army-Aviators, who fly helicopters of any kind go to flight school. My father, Joe Jablecki is one of them, as are Boz and Ray.

LTC Ray-Paul "Boz" Bosworth Sr., LT Raymond Paul Bosworth Jr., PFC Jerry Lee Bosworth, Cecile (Pikor) Bosworth, and my brother Patrick all rest in peace at Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery.

The national cemetery is a place that allows the course where I learned GOLF and a lot about life, to use it's land temporarily, separated by only a 4’ tall fence.

What I mean by "allows" is that that the land is an asset of the cemetery, and it grants temporary-authority to the golf course for it to use until it is needed, for our people.

As the cemetery needs land, the golf course loses land.

Valero Energy, sponsors of the Valero Texas Open PGA tournament is another world-class organization, going about their business kind of like the Spurs do. I’m proud to have Valero headquartered here in San Antonio.

When I was in high school and college my family operated a landscape company that my step-dad, Tom Martin founded and owned.  That business led him to knowing Ed and Nelda Benninger closely during the time that Ed was President of Valero. Ed and Nelda lived in a beautiful home that Tom's company did the original design and landscape, and then many, many additional projects on.

Tom often joked that "Ed and Nelda put Jason Texas A&M" and the dinner following our wedding-rehearsal was held at Gladys at the Strand, in 2004. The restaurant was amazing and had a fabulous private space, Ed’s Wine Room. Thomas Benninger was owner & executive chef at Gladys..

The bond that Tom and the Benninger's formed through good business lasted for the rest of both of Ed and Nelda's lives. It was not really grounded in business at all, but about identity and reputation.

"Fish rot from the head"

Is a phrase I picked up from a talented professional management coach, who's now friend, named Alex Reidl.  I hired him to conduct a workshop in Berlin with my leadership team in 2015. I say the phrase to describe something that I instinctively know, which is that that culture starts at the top - at the tip of the spear - with The Leader.

If I get to the top of an organization and realize there's a leadership problem, I'm done.

Ed Benninger was outstanding, as a person before he was an outstanding executive. I believe that Ed is still present in their culture today.

- Jason