Locke Brown is NuID's co-founder and CEO.

Hi everyone, in this blog post I want to share some highlights from NuID’s first year and give a preview of what’s coming up.

Both the information security and the blockchain industries have been kicked into high gear this past year, and we are excited to have a foot in each. We see a massive opportunity in leveraging distributed ledger technology to enable a new identity-centric computing paradigm in which users are in control of their data and businesses no longer have the burden of securing authentication credentials.

Before mentioning some of our more recent developments, here is a brief recap of the first half of 2017: it was one year ago last week that Nolan and I decided to leave our jobs to pursue NuID full time; we then submitted our first provisional patent application for the NuID protocol in March, incorporated in April, held an initial close of our first funding round in May, and hired our first employee.

The second half of the year saw no slow down in progress. Below are some more detailed highlights of recent developments:

  • We welcomed two new members to the Nu family: Robert Paul, our Principal Protocol Architect, and Man Nguyen, our Principal Security Architect. These additions completed our core development team which has allowed us to begin rapidly prototyping critical pieces of the NuID protocol and will help accelerate development of initial implementations. If you haven’t already, check out our blog posts introducing Robert and Man.
  • Aside from growing our team, we’ve also generated meaningful interest from prospective clients and investors, primarily resulting from our expanded branding efforts and digital presence, as well as the mention of our previously closed funding round in Fortune’s and the StrictlyVC newsletter in November.
  • In addition to growing inbound requests, we met individually with over a dozen prospective clients at a cybersecurity event in early December, giving us the opportunity to evaluate numerous potential project engagement opportunities. Check out the brief marketing video we released for this event, titled Digital Security for a Decentralized World. We also released an Enterprise Solutions Overview (pdf) highlighting our general authentication product offering.

2018 is promising to be another exciting year. Things to look for in the near term:

  • Nolan and I were interviewed by Enterprise Security Magazine, which has named NuID in the Top 10 Security Startups of 2018. They have written a full-page article on NuID which will be featured in the January issue of the magazine, to be published at the end of the month.
  • Following the addition of Robert and Man, we’ve made substantial progress in building out and revising our core protocol code-base. The team has completed a working prototype of the zero-knowledge authentication architecture and continues to refine it as we move closer to deploying a live implementation.
  • We’re happy to be announcing another addition to the NuID team who will be joining us at the end of this month as VP of Business Development. Keep your eyes open for an introductory blog post in the coming weeks.
  • We are continuing conversations with numerous prospective clients as well as forging new relationships in an ongoing effort to determine the best approach for initial client engagement. Because of the many different potential applications of NuID’s technology, we want to be sure we engage the optimal initial clients to showcase our product in a live environment. Further, we’re exploring strategic partnerships with established identity management providers to help bolster their product offerings while exposing more businesses to NuID.
  • And finally, conference season is upon us! We’ll be attending or sponsoring a number of upcoming conferences, including the DC Blockchain Summit, KNOW Identity Conference, Internet Identity Workshop, LendIt Fintech Conference, and connect:ID. We hope to see you there!

We’re excited to be moving into the next stages of development and bringing NuID to life in the wild. We’ll be sharing more information soon! In the meantime, check our Docs page for new publications from us, highlights of NuID from around the web, and a repository of general educational resources. Also, follow us on twitter (@_NuID) for more frequent updates and relevant snippets from the cybersecurity and blockchain worlds.

— Locke